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Grants 2022 for Housing Renovation: This Is What You Can Do With the NextGenerationEU Funds

Grants 2022 for Housing Renovation This Is What You Can Do With the NextGenerationEU Funds - Grants 2022 for Housing Renovation: This Is What You Can Do With the NextGenerationEU Funds

In recent decades, the Spanish real estate stock has aged. More than 40% of second-hand housing is over 40 years old currently. That implies there are too many buildings without any energy efficiency criteria. Reversing this situation, and offering aid to rehabilitate homes, is the goal of an item included in the NextGenerationEU funds for Recovery.

How does this grant for housing renovation work?

The residential sector is one of the largest consumers of energy. The path to sustainability goes through improving the energy efficiency of constructions. For this reason, within the NextGenerationEU funds, over 6,800 million euros will go to aid with reforms in homes and buildings.

Consequently, property owners could receive a grant for improving their homes: Up to 40% of the renovation budget and up to 3,000 euros per home.

The renovation will necessarily accomplish one of these three conditions to get the grant:

  1. The reforms will have to reduce the annual energy use by at least 7%.
  2. The consumption of non-renewable energy will get reduced by at least 30%.
  3. They'll have to improve the thermal covering of the facade.

In the case of housing buildings, the aid will be between 40% and 80% of the renovation budget, with maxes of between 6,300 euros and 18,000 euros per home, depending on the goals achieved. In any case, the regional governments will manage the aid. They will establish the terms of the different calls, granting of help and the payments.

What can you reform with the aid?

The works that are eligible for these grants to rehabilitate homes are very different. However, all of them must contribute to improving the energy efficiency:

Replace windows: windows represent one of the highest thermal bridges in any home. Changing them may mean savings in the air conditioning between 10% and 30%.

Change the boiler: the old gas boilers are dangerous and much less efficient. On the contrary, Installing a condensing boiler can save up to 30% on the gas used for heating and hot water.

Insulate walls and roofs: improving the thermal insulation of the cover is one of the most effective actions in energy-saving, achieving even more than 50%.

Install solar panels for electrical self-consumption or aerothermal systems for heating or DHW.

It's time to renovate your home

In the current circumstances, home buyers are increasingly considering the level of efficiency of the properties. Therefore, if you plan to sell yours, this is the best time to carry out a reform thanks to this European aid.

A good Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will increase the market value of a property. In the eyes of buyers, it will be much more attractive and selling it will be faster. Once your home is all set, all you'll need is advertise it for free on

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