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Tips for insulating your home from the heat without remodelling

Tips for insulating your home from the heat without remodelling - Tips for insulating your home from the heat without remodelling

Air conditioning can be your home's best friend when the temperatures start to climb, but the electricity bill can shoot through the roof. The only solution is insulating your home from the heat. There are some very simple fixes that are practically free and, most importantly, don’t require any remodelling.

Quick fixes for insulating your home from the heat

There are some basic tips that always help you keep the high temperatures at bay: installing awnings on windows, closing the blinds, or airing out the house first thing in the morning. But there are more ways to insulate your home from the heat:

Install draught excluders and seal windows

Heat can creep in through any crack, so it’s best to carefully check window frames. Simple draught excluders can do the trick.

Switch on the fan

These devices can refresh the air in a room, even more so if you add on a container with ice. They work well and use much less electricity than air conditioning.

Turn off appliances

We don’t usually pay much importance to stand-by mode, but it not only uses electricity, devices in stand-by mode also give off heat. What’s more, it’s best to use appliance that operate at high temperatures, such as the oven or washing machine, at night.

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Change your textiles

The best textiles for summer are cotton and linen. Used in curtains, sofa covers, and bedclothes, they can help you feel more comfortable at home when the temperatures rise.

Switch to LEDs

This technology has many advantages, including the fact that LED lightbulbs don’t give off heat.

Use the extractors

Air extractors in bathrooms and the kitchen push hot air outside, so switching them on will also help refresh the room.

Install solar window film

There are films made of plastic that can be stuck to windows to reflect out the sun’s rays, letting you block out the sun and insulate the house from the heat.

Decorate with plants

Plants are not only a pleasing design element, they also absorb the sun’s rays and part of the heat. What’s more, when you water them, the room is refreshed a bit.

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Improve your home’s thermal insulation with a small investment

Evidently, to insulate the home well, more drastic measures have to be taken. Costly remodelling is not always necessary; you can get results with just a small amount of money:

Double-glazed windows

The chamber of air in these types of glass panes serves as insulation, and even more so if they are solar protective windows. If the windows are aluminium, it’s best to ensure they have a thermal break.

Insulate walls

It’s not necessary to remodel, you can blow insulation into the air chambers through small drill holes in the exterior. It’s quick and effective.

Use thermal paints

There are paints which reflect heat that can be used on the home’s exterior. Inside, another alternative is to use light or cool colours on the walls.

Replace flooring

If the flooring is in poor condition, you can change it and, while you’re at it, insulate the home from the heat. It’s as simple as choosing laminate or wood flooring installed over the old flooring with a good insulation board in between.

Protecting your home from high temperatures is not so complicated and doesn’t have to be very expensive. But if you prefer a new home where you’ll feel more comfortable, Spainhouses makes it easy for you. Don’t miss this opportunity, start looking today.

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