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Advantages of Buying New Construction and Some Disadvantages of New Build Homes

Advantages of Buying New Construction and Some Disadvantages of New Build Homes - Advantages of Buying New Construction and Some Disadvantages of New Build Homes

When the search for a home begins, many doubts arise, like the one of choosing between a brand new property or second-hand. Newly built homes feature some pros but also some drawbacks. Choosing one alternative or another will depend on the assessment of these differences, as well as preferences, needs and budget.

Reasons to buy new construction

Buying new construction usually implies a higher investment. However, it also offers a whole series of advantages that must get considered:

Ready to move in: there is no need to make improvements or reforms. Therefore, you can move in immediately. There is also no risk of facing apportionment for the maintenance of the building.

Can be customized: In some cases, developers allow buyers to make changes during construction to adapt the place to their preferences, especially in surfaces and finishes.

Greater possibilities of choice: in new construction, it is possible to choose the floor plan, orientation or distribution, among other aspects.

Tax incentives: are regional deductions for purchasing a primary new build home as the habitual residence.

Energy efficiency: any new work must comply with the Technical Building Code (CTE). Aspects such as insulation or renewable energy sources help to optimize consumption and lower the electricity bill.

Better adapted to modern life: new homes perform a design with the needs and preferences of today's buyers in mind. It translates into aspects such as larger spaces, built-in home automation systems, parking spaces, common areas in buildings, etc.

Guarantees: the regulations require new construction properties have insurance to cover possible deficiencies or hidden defects during a specific period.

Disadvantages of new construction

When deciding between buying a new or second-hand property, you also have to assess some disadvantages, in addition to its higher price:

Taxes are somewhat higher. The sum of the VAT and the Tax on Documented Legal Acts in new construction is higher than the Tax on Patrimonial Transmissions paid in second hand.

Housing is not always immediately available. The usual thing is having to wait for months, with the risk of delivery delays. Besides, it won't be possible to verify the quality of the finishes.

New construction is usually on the outskirts of the cities and sometimes in areas that do not yet have all the essential services nearby.

• New developments usually have higher community expenses associated with the common areas and facilities such as swimming pools or sports courts.

In brief, a newly built home guarantees a modern design adapted to contemporary life. Furthermore, in some cases, you may have a choice in some features. Nevertheless, there are disadvantages too. In any case, it is always necessary to assess all the alternatives before deciding. In, you'll find your ideal home or that second residence you are looking for among the best offer of new housing developments.

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