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Moving to Spain to Work From Home: a Visa for Digital Nomads

Moving to Spain to Work From Home a Visa for Digital Nomads - Moving to Spain to Work From Home: a Visa for Digital Nomads

Digital nomadism has spread in recent years. New technologies allow remote work from almost anywhere in the world. However, there are places more tempting than others. Moving to Spain to telecommute has many advantages, not only because of the weather or the quality of life. The possibility of obtaining a Visa for digital nomads is now one more.

Visa for digital nomads: what is it, and what benefits does it offer

Like those already granted in other countries, it is a residence permit with specific characteristics. It benefits professionals who work for companies located outside the national territory. Its initial duration is one year, although it could be extended for two years, as long as the work conditions are the same.

But moving to Spain to work from home, once this Visa is definitively approved, will have other advantages. Firstly, you can request it for your entire family unit. Secondly, it has tax benefits thanks to a particular tax regime, which means a 15% reduction for those who earn less than 600,000 euros.

You will have to prove some things to obtain the Visa:

1) Be a qualified professional with at least three years of experience.
2) That the activity is carried out remotely for foreign companies located abroad.
3) That this work represents at least 80% of the income and has been carried out for at least one year.

To request it, you only have to complete an application, attach the documentation that proves you meet all the requirements and pay the corresponding fees.

However, we're waiting to know more details. The reason is that the Startups Law, where we'll find this permit, has to go through parliamentary procedures for its approval. Despite this, everything indicates that it will get approved before the end of the year.

Why move to Spain to telecommute?

Indeed, other countries have already implemented a Visa for digital nomads. However, Spain offers unique and inviting conditions. Working in places with nice weather and beautiful beaches, such as the Canary Islands or the Costa del Sol, is a delight.

Besides, let's now forget that with the current energy prices, living in these areas means significant savings, especially for those coming from colder locations.

Furthermore, the quality of life, good communications throughout Spain and a magnificent transport network both on the peninsula and in the Balearic and Canary Islands are other advantages.

Additionally, we must highlight the charm and vibrancy of areas such as Costa Blanca, the cultural life of cities like Barcelona or Madrid, and that specific tax regime. All this makes Spain not only a great place to live but also to work from home.

However, Spain was already an attractive country for EU professionals, who, as community members, can work remotely for six months without having to carry out paperwork. Now those advantages are open to non-EU professionals with the new Visa for digital nomads.

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1 thought on “Moving to Spain to Work From Home: a Visa for Digital Nomads

  1. Leon Kuppens

    As a EU citizen, if i'm correct you can always go to an EU country and work there without having a visa also i don't think there is a boundary of 6 months for EU citizens at all.


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