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Tendencias inmobiliarias para 2021 - Real Estate Trends for 2021

We have just entered 2021, and as every beginning of the year, it does not hurt to look ahead and check the real estate trends the new year brings us. Keeping up to date with the real estate sector is the best way to make the best decisions for the near future.

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llave primer plano casa juguete 23 2147797560 - What is Build-To-Rent and how can you earn money with it?

The objective is to build buildings so that the buyer puts all the houses for rent.

It is a business model that gradually increases its weight in Spain but is still far from the importance of other markets such as the British.

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pareja mudarse casa nueva 33842 29 - How our emotions influence when buying a home

Human beings are rational and also unconscious. That is, many times we are guided by emotions when making decisions. Buying a home is a long and thoughtful process, and we are expected to act like rational people to choose the best option in the market, but are we able to leave behind momentum or emotions at this time?

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spain 2769294 960 720 1 - Reasons to move to the Costa Brava

There are questions to answer, perhaps because you don't want to or don't know what to say. But to the question of why move to the Costa Brava, the answers may be alone with others. Its historical heritage, its rich gastronomy, an enormous amount of formidable beaches, its festivals and, above all, represent as no essence of the Mediterranean that Serrat sang to the world, are some of them. On Calella de Palafrugell, the round roads, a succulent aperitif in Cadaqués, the ancient sculpture of Asclepius over the ruins of Ampurias and a toast to the sea in Cap de Creus with the fall of the sun. Ajar and romances windows in which the breeze intervenes, nights of passion, the laughter of Dalí. The land of the eternal summer capable of fully engaging in the happiness of those who reach it.

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open house 2328984 960 720 - Keys of the open house: What is it? How to organize one?

Selling a home is not easy, that's why innovation in real estate marketing strategies is becoming more frequent, one of the many strategies consists of organizing an open house. This is a technique that we know, above all, through the movies. In Spain we are more used to seeing these days of open doors in public buildings, but it is also used for the sale of homes. In this post we will detail what an open house consists of and how to plan an event successfully.

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