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Working from Home in Spain: The Best Cities to Achieve the Balance Between Work and Life

Working from Home in Spain The Best Cities to Achieve the Balance Between Work and Life - Working from Home in Spain: The Best Cities to Achieve the Balance Between Work and Life

Working from home in Spain is an increasingly attractive option, not only because of its weather, culture or atmosphere but because it offers everything to carry out a professional activity with maximum comfort.

In addition, the procedures for those who want to settle in the country are simple. It is possible to obtain a visa for digital nomads and to buy a house as a foreigner. But which would be the best location?

Ideal cities for teleworking in Spain


Barcelona represents a fantastic choice for teleworking in Spain. Beyond its undeniable tourist attraction, climate and beaches, it is an open and cosmopolitan city. Besides, it offers digital nomads endless coworking spaces and an excellent broadband Internet connection.

If you plan to move to Barcelona, click the following links to find the home you need:

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It is difficult not to feel at home in the capital of Spain. Madrid is a city that welcomes those who come from afar with open arms and has an always lively cultural life and a splendid leisure offer. Good Internet service, coworking spaces, and an extensive transport and connections network make it an excellent destination for teleworking in Spain.

If Madrid is your next destination to telework, find here the home you're looking for:

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Flats for rent in Madrid


The capital of the Costa del Sol is a spectacular place to combine work and life. Good weather, fabulous beaches and exquisite cuisine are some incentives to live in Malaga. But if we talk about work, we must know that it offers good infrastructure to work from home without inconveniences.

Further, the project Málaga WorkBay aims to help anyone who wants to make the city their new home. Will you consider it? Here you will find the perfect home for you:

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Valencia is a city that seduces at first sight due to its Mediterranean essence, beaches and hospitality. It is a great place to telework in Spain because it has numerous coworking spaces and a good Internet connection. Moreover, housing prices are somewhat more affordable than in other large cities.

These links will help you with home hunting:

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Seville has something special, an ambience that enchants anyone who visits the city. The joy, the desire to live to the fullest, the flamenco, and the magnificent Giralda make it a city to live a fascinating experience: immerse yourself in the Andalusian essence thanks to teleworking. In effect, it is a city that has modernized a lot in recent years.

Do you want to try the experience? Click the links below to start your search:

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Palma de Mallorca

It is one of the great holiday destinations in Spain due to its weather and beautiful surroundings. And what better setting to telework than a true paradise that offers a good infrastructure? Palma de Mallorca is a spectacular city where leisure and work join to appreciate every second.

If you are thinking of moving, here you can find what you need:

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Flats for rent in the Balearic Islands

Canary Islands

The Canaries are the lucky islands for their magnificent climate and beauty. Very used to receiving visitors, they are hospitable and welcoming islands where working becomes almost a pleasure. Also, they have functional coworking spaces and technological infrastructures.

These islands are one of the best options for working from home. Begin seeking your new home in the following links:

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