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Complete apartment renovation in Puerto de Alcúdia, Mallorca, designed by Minimal Studio.

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House of the week: Vacational rental chalet in Alcúdia (Baleares)

alcudia1This week we're taking you to Alcúdia, a historic town with Roman and Moorish influences located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands. This modern resort is centre of the most buoyant tourism; world-wide known night parties and relaxing, quite days surrounded by a Hippie atmosphere. What we've liked the most of this particular property is its swimming pool with lightning at the bottom of the pool.

4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 160 m2, Swimming-pool, 2nd Row from the Sea, Furnished, Gardens.

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Mayo y octubre01/0531/05----990,00----
Junio y Septiembre01/0630/06----1. 300,00----
Julio y Agosto01/0731/08----1. 750,00----
Junio y Septiembre01/0930/09----1. 300,00----
Mayo y octubre01/1031/10----990,00----


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