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1. Chalet for sale in Piélagos: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, €134,500

Chalet for sale in Piélagos - 7 Country Houses For Sale in Cantabria, Spain
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Charming 18th century residence-hotel at the feet of the Pyrenees, Girona (Catalonia)

This 18th Century country house has been carefully restored as a luxury charming hotel in the countryside. Located at the feet of the Pyrenees in the Natural Park of the Alta Garrotxa (close to the Costa Brava), the estate enjoys calm and tranquillity for its owners and guests.

586529 45830 6 300x222 - 18th Century Country House in Sils, GironaThe present owner, an interior designer, put a lot of care and detail in every corner of the house, spent a lot of money in luxury furniture and dedicated a lot of time to decoration. When he started the renovation he was looking to have a luxury home for himself in the area during some years and to have guests from time to time that would give a certain ambience to the property. Business was not is final target at all.

The 150 hectares (370 acres) of land afford an excellent landscaped garden with a large swimming pool. The rest of the property is forest or potentially agricultural land. The property has also possibilities as hunting estate, etc.
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The appropriateness to the environment constitutes one of the main stakes of the contemporary architecture. Though, among all the projects we have presented, none reaches the goal as well as the “Casa de Campo” (country house) renovated according to plans of the spanish studio Abaton.

Located in Cáceres (Exremadura), the dwelling originally was an abounded stable. Preserving its structure and strengthening it, from inside, with concrete, the architects simply took profit of the perfect positioning of the building which benefits all year, thanks it faces south, from the heat and the light of the sun. From this develops all the project.

casa de campo 1 - Country House in Cáceres, Extremadura
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