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Hacienda, the Spanish tax authority, is working hard to identify properties which, irrespective of whether or not they have a works licence, have not been declared by their owners or by the local town halls and registered for tax purposes.

properties in Estepona 300x126 - Hacienda is starting inspections in 28 municipalities in Malaga provinceThe authorities are targeting not only newly-built properties, but also those which have undergone modernisation works and those whose use has changed.

This is part of the Plan for the Adjustment of Rateable Values which came into force in 2013 and will be applied until 2016 to combat tax fraud and at the same time increase the amount of money in the public coffers. Unsurprisingly, a higher rateable value means paying more in municipal taxes such as IBI and capital gains, regional taxes such as inheritance and transfers, and State taxes such as income tax and wealth tax.
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