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The Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León (MUSAC) is located in León (Spain). It is a set of autonomous, interconnected exhibition rooms enables exhibitions of different types and sizes to be created; each irregularly shaped room constructs a continuous, yet spatially separated space which flows into other rooms and patios, providing longitudinal, transversal and diagonal vistas.

500 Prefabricated beams close off a series of spaces characterized by systematic repetition and formal expressiveness. Outside, the concave shaped public space accommodates different activities; a place surrounded by huge colored panels of glass and acts a place of personal intercommunication.

Inside, a great expanse of continuous, yet distinctive, spaces dotted with patios and large skylights gives rise to “an expressive system that communicates the interests art and architecture share: the contemporary manifestation of the variable and the perennial, the different and the same, the universal and the transitory, as an echo of our own diversity and equality as individuals.”

MUSAC 2 - MUSAC Contemporary Art Museum of Castilla y León

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The Spanish National Energy Museum proclaims sustainability and renewable energy. 

Museo Energia Acebo - Spanish National Energy Museum in Leon

The Spanish National Energy Museum will be built out of the ruins of two old and isolated nuclear plants in Leon.

If you take a look of the images of the current state of these nuclear plants, you can't but think this is the perfect metaphor. Proclaiming sustainable energy on the ruins of nuclear plants. 

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