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Seville Parque de la Música. Architecture project by Costa Fierros Arquitectos - Sara Tavares Costa, Pablo Díaz-Fierros

32,487 square metres of a a unique urban renovation linked to Sevilla Underground infrastructure works, initiated in January 2009.

According to Arch Daily, this new Parque de la Música creates a new landscape to enjoy a walk around it or have a rest in the designated areas of the park, and the continuity of the different urban itineraries, making them more convenient and accessible for everybody.There is a dual purpose: a more cohesive city, regenerated and with better internal connections, and providing a more human and better quality outdoor space and therefore better quality of life for their inhabitants.

The park is organized along a North-South promenade that reaches the station level with a gentle slope. Other transversal circulations connect the main promenade with the surrounding streets and plazas.

seville park - Parque de la Música in Seville

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