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Invest property in Spain 1 - Where to invest in Spain’s booming property market in 2018

While the British property market struggles, prices in Spain continue to rise at nearly 7%, according to EU data released today. So where should you put your money? ...continue reading "Where to invest in Spain’s booming property market in 2018"

The Costa del Sol is still the number one choice in Andalucía by a long way when it comes to attracting foreign property buyers.

Fotolia 114355057 S - Seven out of ten properties sold to foreigners in Andalucía are located in Málaga provinceBetween January and July this year, there were 4,978 registered real estate transactions to non-Spanish purchasers in Malaga province, an increase of 16.9% on the same period in 2015.

According to official Spanish government data, this accounts for 70% of the residential properties sold to foreigners throughout the whole of Andalucía.

On a regional level, the number of properties bought by foreigners in Andalucía increased by 18.9% in the first six months of this year. The 5,973 transactions in the same period in 2015 rose to 7,105 sales in 2016.
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Sevilla, 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Lot 747 m2, Useful area 280 m2, Swimming-pool, €850,000

1. House for sale in Sevilla - For sale: beautiful house in Sevilla city

2. House for sale in Sevilla - For sale: beautiful house in Sevilla city
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The Andalusian government said it would petition Seville Mayor Miguel Ángel Vázquez, of the Popular Party (PP), to analyze the personal situation of the eight families who were handed keys to subsidized homes by IU officials, who are in charge of the regional public works and housing department.

flat for sale in Seville 300x168 - Seville Authorities to Inspect Eligibility of Rehoused SquattersThe Socialists, who hold a majority in the regional parliament, reacted in anger, and premier Susana Díaz temporarily took away IU’s power to award public housing. The party even suggested there might have been abuse of power on IU’s part, as it failed to respect official waiting lists for subsidized homes.

Because the 17 original recipient families had been squatting in a bank-owned property for two years before being evicted, and decided to camp out in front of City Hall in protest, the Socialists said they felt it sent a message that anyone in Andalusia can get a rent-controlled home if they “bang on the door.”

Now, Seville’s social services will have to confirm whether the eight families that were ultimately allowed to stay in their new homes meet requirements, such as being at high risk of social exclusion.
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Seville Parque de la Música. Architecture project by Costa Fierros Arquitectos - Sara Tavares Costa, Pablo Díaz-Fierros

32,487 square metres of a a unique urban renovation linked to Sevilla Underground infrastructure works, initiated in January 2009.

According to Arch Daily, this new Parque de la Música creates a new landscape to enjoy a walk around it or have a rest in the designated areas of the park, and the continuity of the different urban itineraries, making them more convenient and accessible for everybody.There is a dual purpose: a more cohesive city, regenerated and with better internal connections, and providing a more human and better quality outdoor space and therefore better quality of life for their inhabitants.

The park is organized along a North-South promenade that reaches the station level with a gentle slope. Other transversal circulations connect the main promenade with the surrounding streets and plazas.

seville park - Parque de la Música in Seville

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