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Dubai hotel chains come to Mallorca. Luxury Strategic Plans set in Costa del Sol

suitcase 300x200 - <!--:en-->A Country Immersed in Nationwide Protests and Luxury Property Projects<!--:-->"As the pain of Spain's property crash continues to hit people hard, a nationwide movement is now fighting back", writes Tom Barridge, BBC News correspondent.

These words strongly crash, just like our Real Estate Market crashed, against "other realities" such as Dubai hotel chains coming to Mallorca and Luxury Strategic Plans in Costa del Sol.

Yesterday, February the 29th, thousands of citizens took the streets in protest. No need to explain why. Pure impotence could be registered by hundreds of images shared via facebook, twitter, flickr and other social networks.

Younger Spaniards for the first time don't believe parents who have told them for decades that they should always buy instead of rent and treat real estate as an investment that will never go bad. The age-old saying in Spain that prices never go down or not for long is now broken.

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