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photo 1505758480 67e8d1b6fcec - Everything you need to know about Andalucia's new tourist rentals

If you always made aware of any laws and regulations that can affect them as property owners or buyers. Keep in mind the new regulations regarding properties used as holiday rentals in Andalucía. What does all of this mean for property owners? ...continue reading "Everything you need to know about Andalucia’s new tourist rentals"


photo 1450101499163 c8848c66ca85 1 - An update on the Regulation of short term rentals in Andalucia

On February 2, 2016, the Government Board approved Decree 28/2016 which regulates properties with touristic purposes. It intends to facilitate the coexistence of all different types of accommodation. ...continue reading "An update on the Regulation of short term rentals in Andalucia"

Government considers hiking income tax on Spain's highest earners

Under the proposed plans, the new levy would be imposed on net wealth in excess of EUR700,000, affecting an estimated 160,000 of Spain’s wealthiest individuals. Expected to yield around EUR1.08bn (USD1.48bn) a year for the government, the threshold for the proposed levy is around seven times the previous EUR120,000 2008 threshold to ensure that the middle class is protected from the measure.

The government's move follows an announcement by Spain's FinanceMinister Elena Salgado at the end of August, in which she explained that the government is currently considering the idea of ...continue reading "Target: Spain’s Super-Rich"