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Gamesa is a multinational company engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines for green energy production. The building is situated in a micro-suburban landscape into a business park. This technology park, located in Pamplona (Navarra), is characterized by an implantation of buildings in isolation, in a green environment. Surrounded by road links, the project responds as a great infraestructural milestone, as a large transparent tank. An autonomous geometry floating on a green hillside.

Carrying out an exercise of coherence and economy of means, the intention is to meet the requirements of the property with minimal resources:

-The visibility and positioning of the building.
- Interior nighttime lighting for safety.
- Transparency of the facade and interior-exterior bidirectional visibility.
- And, very important, reducing energy consumption of all facilities.

Sustainable Building in Pamplona Navarra - Sustainable Building in Pamplona, Navarra, by Vaillo-Irigaray
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