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Occupying the site which, in years past, was the Palace of the Kings of Navarra, the Royal and General Archive of Navarra (Pamplona), deep within the same city walls, is one of the most ancient and emblematic historical buildings in Navarra.

Royal and General Archive of Navarra e1412756656655 - Architecture: Royal and General Archive of Navarra
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Gamesa is a multinational company engaged in the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines for green energy production. The building is situated in a micro-suburban landscape into a business park. This technology park, located in Pamplona (Navarra), is characterized by an implantation of buildings in isolation, in a green environment. Surrounded by road links, the project responds as a great infraestructural milestone, as a large transparent tank. An autonomous geometry floating on a green hillside.

Carrying out an exercise of coherence and economy of means, the intention is to meet the requirements of the property with minimal resources:

-The visibility and positioning of the building.
- Interior nighttime lighting for safety.
- Transparency of the facade and interior-exterior bidirectional visibility.
- And, very important, reducing energy consumption of all facilities.

Sustainable Building in Pamplona Navarra - Sustainable Building in Pamplona, Navarra, by Vaillo-Irigaray
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