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The Bioclimatic House by Ruiz Larrea and Associates has a wind farm right in its back yard, so when it came to the design, high winds had to be accounted for. Located next the to wind park of Granadilla (Tenerife, Canary Islands) at the Instituto Tecnologico y de Energias Renovables, the home is one of 25 Bioclimatic Houses incorporated into the research center.  The home is surrounded and shielded by a circular wall of volcanic Tosca stone, and has no heating or air conditioning, relying completely on passive strategies to keep the interior warm or cool depending on the season. Insulation, weatherproofing, and thermal mass all help to retain or remove heat when necessary. Natural ventilation provided by cross breezes, the stack effect, and louvered openings encourages air to move through the house.

bioclimatic house 1 - Bioclimatic Dwelling in Tenerife by Ruiz Larrea y Asociados
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The basic idea of the project consists in the location of a monolithic concrete and glass volume over a timber platform located at the edge of a cliff in order to enjoy the amazing view of the 300m cliff, a 1000m long black sand beach, mount Teide and all the north coast of Tenerife island (Canary Islands).

142 e1398239860395 - Architecture: House at Jardín del Sol, Tenerife
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Designing and constructing a church has never been an easy task for architects. It is a challenge to create a space not meant for accomodation or further customization, but a space that has its own soul, gives an aura of serenity and conveys intimate spiritual experience. This particular church, completed in 2008 in a town La Laguna on the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain), is a challenge well done by Fernando Menis of the Menis Arquitectos.

The building consists of four volumes, visually separated by rifts in the walls that align into cross on the front nave. Apart from the obvious symbolic function they allow the daylight into the interior which strengthens the calm meditative atmosphere. The whole structure takes up more than 1000 m² and cost 600,000 euro.

church in la laguna by menis arquitectos 01 - Church in La Laguna, Tenerife, Canary Islands

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The Tenerife Auditorium, in Canary Islands, is the creation of architect Santiago Calatrava. This impressive piece of architecture has a huge sculptural impact and it is well known as a unique landmark.

It offers its visitors the opportunity to admire the architecture as well as being able to enjoy the other natural attractions, such as the sea and mountain ranges that form part of the ancient Anaga Mountains.

The auditorium has tiered platforms that overspill onto the stunning curved area of the Symphonic Hall. This is surrounded by an impressive wing, suspended at 50 metres giving the sensation of movement and flexibility as though it were animated.

In addition to being an architectural masterpiece the Tenerife Auditorium also offers a wide variety of programmes that can be viewed on their official website.

The variety of contemporary programmes, such as Tenerife Dance Music, Atlantic Jazz and World Music complement the more classical style of the Tenerife Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera and the Festival of Canarian Music.

The Tenerife Auditorium is finished in stunning white, which gives huge visual impact. The interior is equally impressive with its unusual open spaces and modern curved architecture that attract the eye in particular due to its wealth of silhouettes and complex structures.

1 - Architecture: Tenerife Auditorium, Canary Islands
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3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Area Lot 760m2, Built area 360m2, Area useful 320m2, 500m away from the Beach, Luxury property, In Rural Area, On golf course, Alajeró, Tenerife

Beautiful detached villa overlooking the golf course, the sea and the Teide. It has 3 bedrooms decorated in African Lodge style with two doubles and two singles, savannah wild silk and all amenities. Full kitchen fully equipped and private heated pool with sea views.

119 - Beautiful Detached House for Rent in Alajeró (Tenerife)
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