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How to rent a flat advice for first timers - How to rent a flat: advice for first timers

Moving out of your parents’ house, transferring for work, finding a new place after a separation, or whatever the reason may be, finding a home that fits your tastes and needs isn’t always easy; especially if it’s your first time. It’s logical for you to have many questions about how to rent a flat, but everything will be much easier if you follow some basic tips.

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modelo casa llave monedas apiladas blueprint 23 2147863917 - What to do to collect what the delinquent tenants owe and evict them?

Three out of four owners fear to have to face a case of delinquency in the rental of their homes, according to the report by File of Tenant Tenants (FIM). According to this study, which argues that incidents due to late payments in rent have grown by 6.42% during the first five months of the year, 59% of the owners try to find out if tenants who have been interested in their property have a history of delinquency. But how to act before a possible case of a delinquent tenant. What should be done to try to recover the money owed and be able to evict it from the home?

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Via an amendment to the Rental Market Flexibility Law, the Public Works Ministry plans to set up a register of people who have been sentenced for breaching their obligation to pay rent. The idea behind the proposal is to increase the number of homes on the rental market by reassuring owners who might wish to let their properties but fear the possibility of an encounter with tenants who are conflictive or do not pay their dues.

Rental Register - Rental Market Flexibility Law: Debtors' RegisterThe government has suggested that the data on the register would be cleared after six years and that homeowners would only be able to consult the list when they are in the act of drawing up a rental contract.

A debtors’ register is a risky idea, one that sounds simple enough to set up but which in fact is hard to operate with accuracy. First off, there could be difficulties as regards the Data Protection Law unless the appropriate safeguards are introduced to make sure the information remains private and is not published elsewhere.

But the biggest threat in practical terms is that errors on the register are not corrected swiftly so that blameless individuals suffer the effects of doubts over their reputation when they attempt to rent an apartment or apply for a bank loan.
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3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Area Lot 760m2, Built area 360m2, Area useful 320m2, 500m away from the Beach, Luxury property, In Rural Area, On golf course, Alajeró, Tenerife

Beautiful detached villa overlooking the golf course, the sea and the Teide. It has 3 bedrooms decorated in African Lodge style with two doubles and two singles, savannah wild silk and all amenities. Full kitchen fully equipped and private heated pool with sea views.

119 - Beautiful Detached House for Rent in Alajeró (Tenerife)
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6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, Area Lot 1,500m2, Built area 600m2, Swimming-pool, 500m away from the Beach, Luxury property, In Urban Area

Ibiza Es cubells. A spectacular new villa located on the south coast of the island, featuring exquisite interior design and furnishing by renowned interior decorator Tomas Alia. The villa offers excellent sea views. 6 bedrooms , 7 bathrooms , pool.

112 - Vacational rental detached villa in Ibiza (Baleares)
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