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How do I Improve on Real Estate Management?

Debbie Andalo describes the routes into housing management, whether through an apprenticeship or leadership and management training

We always keep an eye on The Guardian's Housing News. Here's an excellent article by Debbie Andalo on how to get ahead in estates management.

Debbie writes about René. "She is one of few women working in social housing in estate services management and admits it can sometimes be difficult in a male-dominated environment", says the writer.

real estate - How do I Improve on Real Estate Management?

"The first meeting I attended in my first management role I was the only woman and they asked me if I was there to take the minutes. Sometimes the caretakers think because you are a woman you don't know how to do their job so I do have to be quite assertive"- René.

According to Debbie, there are a number of routes into an estates management services career. "René, now 41, left school at 16 with a handful of CSEs but went on to complete the Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 andPrince2 project management qualifications in the workplace".

Other options include following the apprenticeship route. "A work-based advanced apprenticeship in housing – which includes the Chartered Institute of Housing's professional certificate in housing practice – is one possibility. Although a generic housing qualification (equivalent to an A-level), it is the main one for frontline housing officers and gives an introduction to estate services management with unit options on keeping residential areas safe and clean, and managing caretaker and concierge resources".

Read the complete article:

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