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Co-operative and Mutual Housing Tips

Co-operative, mutual housing and VPO Housing in Spain, what's the solution to housing crisis?

The Housing Network of The Guardian have started a very interesting activity; live discussions on co-operatives and mutuals. We've quoted the most significant opinions:

"Nigel Minto is head of housing and planning at London Councils 

Councils and co-operatives must work together: The co-op approach and the required level of input from members is a model that quite rightly has a place in a range of housing options however from my experience there has always been a tension (not impossible to resolve) between addressing immediate housing need (the applicant and council's perspective) as opposed to the co-ops need to be well managed - quite rightly requiring some form of 'training' to ensure success.

Housing - Co-operative and Mutual Housing Tips

Chris Carr is a lawyer who has worked in the social housing sector for nine years

On coalition policy on co-operatives: I personally that it will be swept in the grand localism agenda; there is support for the idea in principle but not really a great deal done to provide genuine support for the establishment and running of cooperatives. The government seems to be placing its money on affordable rents and new builds to solve the housing crisis without looking at other ways empty homes could be brought back into use through alternative housing ownership, such as cooperatives.

Carl Taylor is the director of bchs and Redditch Co-operative Homes

The community right to build is a positive step forward: But this policy is in an environment where there are very limited resources available for any public spending and that means any growth in the co-operative housing sector is not going to come as a result of the government, but by co-operatives having some advantages in the current housing market which encourages people to build develop and live in housing co-operatives".

Conclusion is council should keep an eye on other forms of living rather than affordable rents and new builds. In Spain, this type of housing are VPO houses. What's your opinion on this subject? Do you believe supporting these kind of housing would help the housing crisis? 

Houses in Spain:

New Builds in Spain:

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