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Six out of every 10 evictions in the Spanish capital are taking place in public housing units that have been sold over recent years by the Madrid regional government and City madrid 300x200 - 60% of Madrid evictions are from public flats sold to investment fundsHall to investment funds, according to data included in a report from the Treasury Ministry.

According to the data in the ministry report, of the 111 eviction cases registered between February and June of this year, 65 were in houses that had been sold by Madrid administrations.

Between February and June, the report states, there were 50 evictions that took place in properties sold by the Municipal Company for Housing and Land (EMVS) to an investment fund. Another five evictions took place in flats sold by the Madrid Housing Institute (Ivima) to another fund; and 10 more were related to housing from the EMVS and Ivima. In total, 65 of 111.

In terms of evictions carried out by banks, the report registers 17, which works out at 15%, while another 29 evictions were brought about by private landlords. There were also 73 evictions from illegally occupied properties.
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Co-operative, mutual housing and VPO Housing in Spain, what's the solution to housing crisis?

The Housing Network of The Guardian have started a very interesting activity; live discussions on co-operatives and mutuals. We've quoted the most significant opinions:

"Nigel Minto is head of housing and planning at London Councils 

Councils and co-operatives must work together: The co-op approach and the required level of input from members is a model that quite rightly has a place in a range of housing options however from my experience there has always been a tension (not impossible to resolve) between addressing immediate housing need (the applicant and council's perspective) as opposed to the co-ops need to be well managed - quite rightly requiring some form of 'training' to ensure success.

Housing - Co-operative and Mutual Housing Tips

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