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Tune your floor

We introduce you to FLOR tiles. Amazing flooring design for your home.

Choosing flooring for your home is no easy task. you need to take into account many variables such as what room it will be used in, the size of the space, the climate in the room, who will use the room and what it will be used for, how long the flooring needs to last, what kind of wear and tear it will need to withstand and how much it will cost, to name but a few.

Nontheless, we'll introduce you here today to a new kind of flooring. FLOR tiles. No nails, padding or glue is required.  They're easy to replace should they get damaged and easy to take up and clean if necessary. Such a pity it's only available in the US and Canada!

Soft Touch Quartz FA11 - Tune your floor

RMO TYPD FG Patchwork LR - Tune your floor

Reverb Runner Persimmon+Mag - Tune your floor

Putt Up SP09 - Tune your floor

Milliner Black FA11 - Tune your floor

Level Setting Black FA11 - Tune your floor

Lanyard+Just Plain Folk Lin - Tune your floor

Full Kilt Lavender FA11 - Tune your floor

Family Tree Licorice FA11 - Tune your floor

A Tisket A Tasket Almond FA - Tune your floor

In this short video clip, Chip from FLOR explains the design philosophy behind their products.


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