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Contemporary Architecture in Spain: Bilbao Arena

The lovely Bilbao Arena lies on ancient iron mines, close to the old part of the town in Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain). It offers a sports center, a restaurant, a court that can be used by locals and players too and more. The Bilbao Arena is split into two: at the very top of the structure it encloses so it shuns away the noise coming from Bilbao Basket while the bottom of the building is occupied by the sports center.

The design of the entire project is interesting since the Bilbao Arena is meant to look as a tree. Its façade has a metal structure with painted steel sheets that hide the metal components that are found in the arena. The façade is permeable and the corridors don`t require air conditioning or ventilation and the design of the building allows a clear exit if a fire bursts out.

The limestone in the area inspired the designers to paint the sports center in a similar colour and the shape of the sports center looks just like a rock. The three spaces of this center communicate between them in cascade and they also offer access to the swimming pool, gym and parking zone.

Bilbao Arena 2

Bilbao Arena

Bilbao Arena 3

Bilbao Arena 4

Bilbao Arena 6

Bilbao Arena 5



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