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Contemporary Architecture in Spain: Tiny Apartment in Madrid by MYCC

This singular urban shelter, located in Madrid, is just twenty square metres and nevertheless is one hundred cubic metres of volume. In such an enclosed space should a single person live and work. He will use his creativity and dynamism to make it his own sweet home.

This Madrid apartment, even with its small size, wants to offer generous spaces and a big quantity of different pieces of use. The pieces that make it up, does not really have a fixed clearly defined use: the kitchen is a walk-through room to get the living. There are stands rather than stairs to go down the living, which is over a cellar-storage room. Then, it is possible to get the ladder to go up to the indoor sunny terrace, a place to be used as a study or a chill out. Also the central living room connects through four steps to the bathroom. This is an oversized kind of luxury room that holds even an in-situ cosy kind of hamman bath.

Construction and finishing are made in a direct and unadorned way and all is full of bright white.

tiny apartment in madrid

tiny apartment in madrid5

tiny apartment in madrid6

tiny apartment in madrid4

tiny apartment in madrid1

tiny apartment in madrid2

tiny apartment in madrid3

tiny apartment in madrid7


Architects: MYCC (Carmina Casajuana, Beatriz G. Casares, Marcos Gonzalez)
Photos by Elena Almagro.

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