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Spanish Architecture: Abrante Lookout, Canary Islands

From the architect (Jose Luis Bermejo Martín). On January 2, 2013, a unique work which will become an iconic tourist landmark opened on the island of La Gomera (Canary Islands), the Abrante Lookout, northeast of the island, in the municipality of Agulo. The chosen site is located on top of the Abrante cliff, 620 m above sea level, on the edge of an impressive cliff with a vertical drop of 200 meters, a challenge to the construction of the project, and a challenge to the visitor.

The site presents ideal conditions to locate a lookout in which multiple services are offered, and is a resting place for pedestrians. The peculiarity of this lookout is the seven meter cantilever above the void, with the floor and walls made of structural glass, bound with a metal structure at the top and supported on reinforced concrete beams. It was built on the same site as the previous lookout, where a simple stone wall served as a parapet, giving a greater sense of vertigo.

Abrante Lookout0

Abrante Lookout1

Abrante Lookout4

Abrante Lookout3

Abrante Lookout2

Via:, photos: José Luis Bermejo Martín

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