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Spanish Architecture: Portable House by Ábaton Architects

This Spanish proposal, for a mobile home that is prefabricated and lifted into position, is an elegant exploration of an idea that is well tested, but which has had its ups and downs over the years.

One of the interesting things about this design, known as ÁPH80 and designed by Ábaton Architects, is that the internal spaces do not feel like a caravan. From the exterior the building feels more like a small and abstracted house, than a portable cabin. It looks sculptural and bespoke.

Portable house

Its relatively abstract design raises the benchmark from an inexpensive way to provide housing, to something more exclusive – say a country weekend retreat, or a writer’s cabin.

The unit consists of three separate spaces: a main lounge with kitchen, a shower room, and a bedroom. Having distinct rooms is one of the ways the cabin transcends the idea of the caravan. It allows two people to comfortably exist with a measure of privacy in a very confined space. This is something that is always difficult to achieve with a more open plan.

Another way this cabin succeeds as a home, is with its relatively generous ceiling height. At 3.5m to the ridge there is a feeling of spaciousness to the interiors.

The construction is of certified timber using other recycled materials, offering an environmental comfort factor as well.

Portable house2

Portable house3

Portable house4

Portable house5

Portable house6

Portable house7

By Christopher C. Hill, via
Photos by: Juan Baraja.

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