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Mediterranean Style Villa in Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Nestled in the lavish and relaxing landscape of the famous Balearic Islands in Spain, this gorgeous holiday home is all about capturing the spirit of Mediterranean design. Designed by ecoDESIGNfinca, the beautiful and stylish villa is the perfect getaway from which you can explore the turquoise blue waters and the immaculate white sandy beaches of this famous Spanish islands. An open design coupled with extravagant use of glass windows ensures that those inside this Mallorca residence constantly stay connected with the outdoors.

Mallorca Country Villa1

The stylish country villa was built on a 17,000 square meter plot and hence has plenty of space for not just expansive indoors, but also scenic outdoors. The breezy home sports a H-shape design and an elegant interior courtyard with a refreshing pool stand at its heart. Large picture windows not only blur the lines between indoors and the courtyard, but also bring in loads of natural light. Cool neutral colors are used throughout the home with pristine white making up the ideal backdrop.

Mallorca Country Villa2

Mallorca Country Villa3

Mallorca Country Villa4

Mallorca Country Villa5

Mallorca Country Villa6

Mallorca Country Villa7

Mallorca Country Villa8

Mallorca Country Villa9

Mallorca Country Villa10

Mallorca Country Villa11

Mallorca Country Villa12


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