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Architecture and Design: Home in Barcelona by Egue & Seta

Santa Caterina Home

Home in Borne, Barcelona. From Egue & Seta. Throughout history, the configuration of the home has experienced changes that aim to respond to the evolution of the productive and social habits of its inhabitants. Such evolution, far from being logical and sequential, has been punctuated by flashes of great stress between deep nostalgia and innovative revisionist trends. Nowadays, once the futuristic trends of hyper-technological aesthetic have been left behind and the turn of the century´s austere minimalist muteness has been outgrown, in order to achieve a truly contemporary feel, designers are bound reconcile the vernacular with the traditional. Aesthetically bridging the original finishes of the building with those features the more modern and urban lifestyles demand.

Santa Caterina Apartment

Sta caterina1

In the home of Santa Caterina this contemporary tension is unequivocally reflected. The result: the virtual blurring of boundaries between the public and private realms of the home. Such is the case of that opaque border that used to hide the service areas from the more socially oriented. Thus, this re-interpretation of the typical “Eixample” apartament revolves around a large living kitchen, one that built over a “carpet” made of traditional cement floor tiles, is offered as an area born with a deep entertainment call that goes well beyond its simple practicality as a service space.

Dividing the apartment lay out longitudinally, the kitchen takes up a third of the available area of the house and it is thanks to its balconies, its wall mounted shelf-beches, its huge table made of solid vintage wood; its contemporary design seats and pendant lights; its wrought iron and marble apothecary dresser, and its modern appliances hidden behind a facade of recovery wood, that visitors can say the kitchen stands as the stylistic summary of the whole home: One that is deeply extroverted and hedonistic: the star and the heart of a home that can be read as a live in representation of a whole new lifestyle.

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  1. Bouayed Fawzia

    Je voudrais visiter quelques villas avec 3 chambres et salle de bains , piscine , vue sur mer et en bord de mer à Barcelone ce weekend je serais a Barcelone le samedi et le dimanche .


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