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Casa Bauzá in Mallorca, by Architect Miquel Lacomba

Nestled among the rocky hills of Pollença in Mallorca (Balearic Islands) we find Casa Bauzà, an incredible house created by architect Miquel Lacomba. Everything in the villa in large: the compound, the pool, the rooms and even the kitchen cabinets! Yet you still get a smooth flow between the spaces and nothing is overdone.

casa Bauzá

casa Bauzá2

casa Bauzá3

casa Bauzá4

casa Bauzá5

casa Bauzá7

casa Bauzá6

casa Bauzá8

casa Bauzá9

casa Bauzá10

casa Bauzá11

casa Bauzá12

casa Bauzá13

casa Bauzá14



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