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Barcelona Apartment Designed by Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10

This Barcelona apartment renovated by local firms Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10 contains two micro live-work spaces either side of communal kitchen facilities.

The brief given to Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10 was to create two separate units within a 65-square-metre apartment as "an experiment in shared micro living".

Design Barcelona Apartment3

Each unit in the Salva46 apartment had to contain areas for sleep, work, relaxation and hygiene, while occupants shared a central kitchen, dining and living area.

Positioned at either end of the narrow space, both the units make use of existing windows for natural light, which is channeled into the central communal area through sliding translucent panels.

Design Barcelona Apartment

Design Barcelona Apartment9

"During the day each inhabitant can enclose and secure their space without blocking the traverse of natural light," said Miel Arquitectos. "While during the night, both can isolate and cocoon the units by sliding the solid doors."

The rooms are equipped with a double bed, a desk, storage space and access to a balcony.

Raised platforms in both bedrooms utilise the 3.4-metre ceiling height, providing extra living spaces above the beds that are reached by wooden ladders.

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Design Barcelona Apartment8

Design Barcelona Apartment4

Bathrooms are open to the sleeping areas and feature traditional encaustic mosaic tiles used to create patterned floors in many Barcelona apartments.

In the communal space, a recycled kitchen is installed in one corner and a small dining table is located in another.

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Design Barcelona Apartment10




Barcelona Apartment Designed by Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10
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