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House 1101 by H Arquitectes in Barcelona

Located in the town of Sant Cugat near Barcelona, the house was designed by H Arquitectes for a couple with a large art collection, who wanted plenty of wall space and a strong connection between indoors and outdoors.

Gaps between the three brick boxes of the house can be transformed from enclosed rooms into covered patios by folding back glass doors at both ends.


Instead of inserting large windows into the facade to connect the house's interior with the garden, the architects enclosed the main living room and entrance hallway with full-height wooden doors that can be folded to one side to open these spaces up to the garden.




The entrance hall is simply furnished with a bureau by the doorway and leads through to a long outdoor table, while sofas and armchairs in the other interstitial space create a comfortable living area which the architects said acts as "a green house during winter and a fresh porch in summer."

Both of the gaps between the boxes act as routes from the front of the house to the back and feature polished concrete floors that extend into the garden on one side and a gravel pathway on the other.




The box at the eastern end of the site houses three children's bedrooms on the first floor and a playroom on the ground floor.

The single storey central box contains a large kitchen, while the third box provides the parents with a bedroom on the ground floor and a studio space above.







Photos: Adrià Goula

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