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Architecture: House El Bosque by Ramón Esteve

Ramón Esteve, whose studio is based in Valencia city, designed this residence for a site in nearby Chiva (Valencia province).

1. Casa el Bosque

2. Casa el Bosque

Entitled Casa El Bosque, the property takes its name from the pine forest that surrounds the plot, which also informed the use of natural stone, weathered steel and Afrormosia wood.

3. Casa el Bosque

The house is loosely arranged as a cross-shaped plan, creating four wings with distinct functions. Each wing culminates in a stone wall facing the forest.

5. Casa el Bosque

Branching out to the rear of the central hallway are the two wings housing the master suite and the other bedrooms, while the two volumes at the front of the site accommodate the living room, as well as the kitchen and dining areas.

6. Casa el Bosque

8. Casa el Bosque

10. Casa el Bosque

Two of the stone walls facing the street are positioned on either side of a path that leads to the house's entrance, while an adjacent ramp descends to a garage located beneath the largest of the two bedroom wings.

7. Casa el Bosque

The main living areas feature full-height glazing and sliding doors that open onto the terrace. An extension to the kitchen and dining room contains an additional covered dining space.

9. Casa el Bosque

11. Casa el Bosque

12. Casa el Bosque

Photos: Mariela Apollonio

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