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Getafe Market Cultural Centre by A-cero

Architects Joaquín Torres & Rafael Llamazares of A-cero, designed this project, Mercado de Getafe, a leisure & cultural centre, located in a suburb of Madrid, Spain.

1. Mercado de Getafe

The most dramatic design work is on the outside, where a facade has been built around an existing brick building, which has been painted black, with the architects adding aluminum ribs and protruding lighting.

2. Mercado de Getafe

3. Mercado de Getafe

4. Mercado de Getafe

5. Mercado de Getafe

6. Mercado de Getafe

7. Mercado de Getafe

8. Mercado de Getafe

9. Mercado de Getafe



Via: Contemporist
Photography by Rubén P. Bescós

Getafe Market Cultural Centre by A-cero
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