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The provinces of Mediterranean coast has more homes for sale than the rest of Spain

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Based on a study of Idealista, there is a high percentage of homes for sale in provinces which are in the part of the Mediterranean coast. 

The promoters and builders are focusing on the Mediterranean coast due to the home's demand is concentrating on places with high quality, stable weather and working opportunities. The Mediterranean coast of Spain has these factors, although in big cities can find more work offers and business opportunities, they haven't as high quality as coast cities, where you can enjoy about the relaxing ambient, sunny days and warm weather.

If we analyse the numbers, Alicante has the most offer of homes sale with 5.4% of the total. The second place is for Girona with 5.2% and Tarragona is in the third place with 4.9%.

The Andalusian coast has a number of cities with a high percentage of homes sale, Málaga and Almería concentrate the 4.9% and 4.1% respectively with more sales about plan-off homes and end construction.

The provinces which have a low percentage of homes sale are Cáceres and Soria, the capital, Madrid, has a 1.9% in total 56.284 homes, less than Barcelona with 70.778 homes because of large urbanized cities are saturated and, sometimes, demand exceeds supply in specific areas.

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