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Guide to decorate your house with a style of… Oh, White Christmas!

Christmas is here! And as usual, it's time to take out the Christmas decorations which we have stored in the storage room and which we have been reusing for several years because we know that Christmas colors won't go out of style, Isn't? Yes, but your home's style maybe has changed and if you select the appropriate Christmas decorations you will get a fantastic Christmas and "white vintage" decoration which is the trendiest this year so, here we leave some perfect ideas to give a trendy touch to the decor Christmas from your house this year.

Christmas tree

This year the trendy colors have been neutral tones and soft as white and beige, if you want to combine your Christmas decorations with this style, you have to integrate golden colors and subtle touches of red, such as tree balls or decorative gifts. Green makes a great contrast and it has the most Christmas spirit but, make sure you don't overload your living room of this color since the tree brings it.

Credits: athoughtfulplaceblog/justdestinymag

All the little details are really matters

The Christmas details are the most important, because they give an original touch to any house and, in addition, you can make them yourself: small pines, stars or snowflakes. Let your imagination fly and fill your home with creativity!

Credits: justdestinymag

Perfect dining table

Christmas is the perfect time to get all your wit of dining decoration, look for the perfect combination of candles, labels and cutlery or also add new shapes, everything you want since during these dates. Nothing left over!

Credits: elmueble
Credits: athoughtfulplaceblog/elmueble

Take advantage of the fireplace

Make the most of the fireplace in your home and use it to hang all the Christmas decorations like socks, garlands and Christmas flags, but... Be careful when you turn it on!

Credits: athoughtfulplaceblog/justdestinymag

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