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poinsettia 4647951 960 720 - Make your poinsettia beat the holidays

Easter flowers were buried on January 7. This year you will get them to survive and arrive as red and as splendid as they are now at Christmas 2018. What not? Check it

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arbol de navidad junto chimenea con calcetines 394990 73b7af3d 1162x1200 1 - Christmas decorative styles

Leroy Merlin presents its decoration proposals for these Christmas Parties 2019. To make it easier when choosing, it proposes 6 different styles for you to choose your perfect Christmas. Which of these trends do you prefer?

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photo 1514343773601 17546405fa0e - Christmas decoration essentials

It is not necessary to decorate every inch of your house with Christmas motifs. But there are some objects and accessories that are essential and can not miss when decorating your home this Christmas. In this post, we discover the essentials that can not be missing in your home this Christmas.

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chimenea calcetines rojos colgando arbol navidad 1252 402 - How to decorate the fireplace at Christmas

Having a fireplace is a luxury that should not be missed. During autumn and winter, the fireplaces enchant us with the crackling of the wood when burning. But its days of maximum splendour come at Christmas. In this post, we tell you some ideas to decorate the fireplace and enjoy the heat and magic they give off.

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ideas 2019 fiesta pinterest - Decorative ideas for the New Year's party

There are a few days left until this year comes to an end, so it is time to close cycles, to thank, to set new goals and change those things that concern us. If you are thinking of celebrating at home with the family, you have the party full of details that promote good vibes. Today we leave you some simple but beautiful ideas that will make this year end something completely unforgettable.

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