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Mistakes when decorating your house

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When decorating, many times we make mistakes without knowing that they cause the opposite effect to what we want to give to our stay, the decoration of our home can be what makes the difference, but we must remember that if we do wrong, it can be a disaster. We must remember that it is important that it looks beautiful, but above all that it maintains harmony and that it is functional. Take note of the most common mistakes, to prevent them from occurring in your home.

Overdecorate the spaces

It usually happens that when visiting the furniture and decoration stores, we all like it and we buy furniture and objects without thinking about their distribution and when we put them all, we see that we have not left any free space. It is better to look for inspiration, look for the style that we like and be faithful to choosing the right furniture so as not to overload our space.

Mix styles

It is quite common that we like more of a decorative style, but we must be careful when mixing them since the result can be something of a disaster. Succeeding with the combinations is somewhat difficult, although if you are going to do it, consult a professional, who will give you the guidelines when combining.

Have bad lighting

However we have our house well decorated if we do not have good light, it is of little use if we can not appreciate it, if your house does not have large windows that provide light, we must put some lamps that provide sufficient lighting to our space. Mirrors are another good option, as they reflect light.

Abuse of prints

The furniture with patterned fabrics usually decorates and highlight the rooms. Keeping in mind this we must not overload with full decoration of these motives, since they are difficult to combine among them, to avoid that happens to us, combining prints with plain fabrics we will not risk.

Monotony in decoration

There are people who prefer to avoid colours when decorating, but decorating everything in the same colour makes the stays boring if we dare not risk too much, decorating mixing some colours with neutral tones is ideal.

Do not use plants

Plants make our house look better, bring vitality and colour, it does not matter what style of decoration we have, they always look good, although when decorating with them, you have to do it with a head giving a natural touch in certain rooms and avoiding accumulate many riding a jungle without realizing it.

Put aesthetics before functionality

Sometimes we fall in love with a piece of furniture or an ornament, it's all happened to us! And it's fine, but you have to keep in mind that, if it's a fundamental element, like for example the sofa or the bed, it's important that besides being nice and practical and comfortable. We must also take into account the distribution of furniture and decorations, place them avoiding obstacles and respecting the circuits of passage, especially in the busiest areas.


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