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photo 1516455590571 18256e5bb9ff 1 - Fall in love with your home on Valentine's Day

Do you remember that day you premiered home? The illusion that made you furnish it and fill it with personal items ... Well, that's just the feeling we should always keep alive. Have you been living in it so long that you no longer see it with the same eyes? If you feel that the flame of love towards your house is going out, we offer some reasons for you to fall in love with it again. Get a crush on your house again this Valentine's Day!

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photo 1489171078254 c3365d6e359f - Mistakes when decorating your house

When decorating, many times we make mistakes without knowing that they cause the opposite effect to what we want to give to our stay, the decoration of our home can be what makes the difference, but we must remember that if we do wrong, it can be a disaster. We must remember that it is important that it looks beautiful, but above all that it maintains harmony and that it is functional. Take note of the most common mistakes, to prevent them from occurring in your home. ...continue reading "Mistakes when decorating your house"