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Tips for a perfect move

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Change of house means starting a stage, brand new furniture, meet new neighbours. Everything perfect until we start making boxes, facing a move is, as a rule, overwhelming and stressful. Often, when it comes to moving all your belongings from one house to another, they become a huge mountain and we do not know where to start. Take a deep breath, with these simple steps of organization it will be easier to undertake this adventure and how to face the inevitable moments of crisis.

Get rid of what you do not need

It is clear that there are objects with a sentimental and economic value that you can not get rid of. However, think carefully and decide what you really need. Try to take what is necessary and reduce the volume of your shipment. Do not know what to do with the objects that are left over? Here are some ideas:

  • Donate your belongings to an NGO
  • Donate your belongings to a charity rake.
  • Sell items that you do not need, especially clothes, on eBay or second-hand stores in your city.
  • Donate the clothes you do not want to sell to Parishes or associations.

Inventory list

It is important to know exactly what you are going to take. Prepare an exhaustive list of all your belongings and classify them, this classification can be based on what you are going to take with you, what you leave behind in a warehouse, what you are going to give/sell and what are the objects that you are going to throw away. Make a couple of side columns to specify what is already packaged, if they are already on the way and if they have already reached the destination point.

Organize the boxes and label them

Whether you make the boxes or do them, you should know that the boxes are made by rooms, and even by furniture. This is the way that then it is very easy to locate and place everything. For example, a box for the right shelf, another for the left shelf and all this group are the boxes of the room. The most important thing of all this is that all the boxes are labeled with the situation and the furniture. So you can know exactly what is in each one.

Start with the kitchen

It is always recommended to start organizing a house for food and cooking. For us, who are Mediterranean, is the nerve centre on which most of our life revolves, that is why it must come first.

The books in small boxes

If you are library mice at home, you can start with the books you know you will not read during this period. The books are heavy and take up a lot of space, so use small cardboard boxes, to be able to weigh them and label them with titles, themes or authors, for example, cookbooks, novels. If there is one more relevant or added write also in the box.

Use wardrobe boxes for clothes

It is much more practical to "pick up and hang up", than "pick up, fold, unfold and hang up". In addition, you can always reuse them in the storage room to store your winter clothes or useless clothes.

Take pictures of complicated cables and assemblies

Is there something that took you years to put together properly and you hate having to disarm it? It is important that you take pictures of both the cables and the mounts to know how to reconnect everything again, this can save you a lot of time and technical problems. Many people forget this step, but it is a trick to make a very useful organized move.

Make a basic kit

There are things without which you can not get by in your day to day. My advice is to prepare a kit with all those basic things. Whatever happens with the boxes, you will have your basic needs covered and that will make you feel that you have the situation under control.

Boxes, packing material and protection

Make sure you have enough protective material to fill your boxes and bubble wrap to wrap those delicate objects. Not having enough protection can put your possessions at risk and can be damaged. Alternatively, a good way to save some money when making a move is to wrap some of your valuables in blankets and clothes, even surrounding them with newspaper balls and/or socks (clean) for small delicate objects.

You can get free boxes at supermarkets and/or local stores. Once you have these materials, you can start packing your objects. You can also buy moving boxes online, you can even buy a package of removals.

The nuts, screws and small pieces of the furniture that you are going to disassemble, add them with a small sachet or in the same seal in some part of the furniture.

Beware of the glass of tables and furniture, cover them with bubble paper and place emphasis on the delicate corners.

Celebrate the end of the move

Give them a tribute in the new house or office, call champagne, to baptize home, or hamburgers on an improvised table with cardboard boxes, but we must celebrate that it is over and enjoy the new.


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