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Tips to decorate the table at Christmas

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Christmas is coming and we all want to see the gifts, the tree and meet again with family and friends, but it is also very important how we are going to present our dishes and how we are going to decorate the Christmas table. If the decoration of the Christmas table is your pending issue, below we give you advice and guidelines to follow to know how to decorate the Christmas table 2018.

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Choose a dominant colour 

To avoid that the table is a chaos of colours, choose a dominant colour for the textile of the table and accompany it with flowers in the same tones. The rest, better in classic neutral and white tones. A small garland of lights next to the flower centre will give the festive touch to the table.

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The tablecloth, better neutral

It is advisable not to abuse intense colours. This way you make sure you do not overload the decoration. And you can reserve the splashes of colour for the complements or the smallest details. Anyway, if you want to colour the tablecloth, the rest of the decoration should be very neutral so that the whole is balanced.

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A crystal glass more festive

It's not necessary to renovate all the glassware, it's enough to choose a champagne glasses more festive or special.

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A sorting table runner

One way to avoid that everything is scattered around the table and gain order is to place a table runner in the centre that contains the decoration. And so that it is not so static, you can disperse a ball or ornament on the table.

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A natural centrepiece

And in which the lights are not lacking! If you make a centre with green, complete it with a luminous garland. It will give you a more special point. You can complete it with holly that, in addition, will give a very Christmas colour point.

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Mix and match

The decoration of the table will be more studied and taken care of if you combine different elements: branches, tree balls, candles, a garland ... It is better little quantity and more variety.

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Specific details

Do not centre the decoration only on the table, take advantage of other elements around to decorate them with small details. For example, an advent star hanging from the ceiling lamp crowns in the other piece of furniture.

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A detail for the guests

A simple way to decorate the chairs is to place a detail that you can then give to your guests.


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