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Tips to sell a home in winter

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In the coldest months of the year, the purchase and sale of housing is not frozen. In fact, winter is one of the most active periods in terms of closing operations. Many potential buyers are set as purpose to be owners before the end of the year or in the first months of the next. This advantage must be taken advantage of by the sellers, conditioning their house to attract visitors. If you are thinking of selling your house, in this post we offer some tips to look at the future prospective buyers in the winter season

Winter photographs

The photos of a property advertised online are the best cover letter. The images of the house should not have reflections or be distorted. In the cold months, there are fewer hours of natural light, so take advantage of the moment of higher incidence of solar rays to take photos. If you live in a place where it usually snows and you have a terrace, use your camera to capture the views. Another motivating photo is the living room with the fireplace lit.

Comfort temperature

Outside the house it is cold, so it is essential that the inside of the house lights the heating to receive visitors. However, do not put it to the maximum, since the thermal shock will be strong and the possible interested will not be comfortable. Try to comfort them with a hot drink. Keep in mind that the smell of coffee causes a very pleasant home feeling.

Chromatic well-being

To have greater guarantees of success at the time of teaching your home is essential that the environments are depersonalized and without much furniture. The light colours give visual amplitude, but in winter they may promote a soulless environment. Give a touch to the rooms with textile accessories made of soft fabrics and seasonal prints, such as plaid or velvet blankets. Do not forget the candles.

Good insulation

In addition to emphasizing the existence of a good air conditioning system, either with the presence of efficient gas radiators or putting the accent on the beauty of a fireplace, the best card you can play is to admit the benefits of insulation. If the windows have double glazing with thermal break, you will be telling the buyer that he will be very comfortable in that house.

Damages in order

One of the problems that old houses accuse is humidity, which multiplies with rains and snow. You must correct any stain or leak since the slightest odour will alert buyers. Take the opportunity to, by the way, give a coat of paint to the walls. Monitor the pipes and the electrical installation in order to avoid claims.


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