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Ideas to decorate halls at Christmas

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When we decorate our house for Christmas, we often forget corners that can be magical at this time. The living room, the bedroom ... and even the kitchen is decorated! But what about the hall? We must bear in mind that it is the letter of presentation for our visits, it will be the first thing that your family sees when it gets to dinner, and the postman also, so give them a surprise and make it Christmas irresistible! Therefore, moving the magic of Christmas to this area of the house is an excellent idea. In this post, we give you some tips so that your hall is the protagonist this Christmas.

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Make your own crown

Use a circular structure (a small ring or hula hoop will serve you), green branches, red berries or pineapples and a ribbon or ribbon. How to do it: Attach the branches to the ring with wire or silicone. Distribute leaves or tie the eucalyptus twigs, as in the photo. Glue the pineapples or balls and a loop with silicone. Fasten everything with wire around. You can hang it!

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Put the forest on your staircase

See how much charm your staircase gains if you put pine branches as a garland. They contrast with the white of the railing and enhance the natural beauty of the wood of the steps.

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The lights complete the atmosphere

When night falls there is nothing more beautiful than entering the house under a rain of lights. You can buy strips of LEDs and put them in the hall or even wrap it around a garland, Magic!

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Candles to give a cosy and romantic feeling

There is nothing more romantic than candlelight. Use candelabras and candles to create an atmosphere in every corner, also on your staircase or the hall.

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Classic red that gives joy

So bright, and so adorably decorated! Is not it beautiful? Red and white balls everywhere. Can there be anything better? Special mention deserves the use of a green garland to decorate the furniture of the hall. A simple ornament that will be great if the entrance of your house has white furniture.

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Whatever they say, a garland of spruce with balls and red ribbons will always be a cake. Perhaps it does not have the most impressive decoration, in comparison with the others, but it seems remarkable for its evident vintage aesthetic supported by posters and objects such as textiles in the classic Christmas tones. Evidently, the Christmas notes can be appreciated thanks to the garlands, the gifts or the red textile that they accompany.


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