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Get inspired with these Christmas trees and decorate your perfect tree

A Christmas without a tree is less Christmas, whether small, large, natural, synthetic, golden, pink, classic, rustic ... In this post, we show you ideas on how you can decorate your Christmas tree so that you can choose the one you like best

A classic and timeless Christmas tree

The colours of Christmas - red, green, white never go out of style and decoration with balls, either. And the socks that hang in the fireplace to fill with gifts. They represent the most traditional and family Christmas.

Create a different Christmas tree

It is the moment of creation, so if you do not want to buy a tree be it natural or synthetic or want to have another Christmas corner with a tree, you can make one with Christmas greetings and a string.

Small but effective

Not all trees have to be decorated the same nor do they have to be the same size. If you also have little space but do not want to give up a Christmas tree choose a small one and place it on top of an auxiliary mass to give it more prominence.

Airs of Scotland

Scottish paintings also go out of style, a traditional, rustic and red bet. That is very very Christmas. The balls have been lined with scraps of plaid.

Sophisticated elegance

If you want your living room to dazzle for Christmas, decorate your tree in golden, silver and white tones. You will not leave anyone indifferent.

Of rustic style

And also next to a sled. The truth is that they want to go out and play with the sleigh and then stay by the fire for hours and hours.

Do not forget the ribbons

In addition to the Christmas decorations complete the look of your Christmas tree with ribbons, will be a more dressed and finished decoration. The Christmas tree, red, white and transparent balls and the stars.

The "roots" of the tree

To hide the base of the tree and prepare even more the Christmas atmosphere you can decorate with gifts. If at home there are no small children, as we go shopping the gifts can be placed under the tree or with shoe boxes we can create "fake" gifts to decorate.


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