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Tips for a more sustainable home

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The concern for the environment and the pressing consequences of climate change have transformed the consciousness of the global society, rescuing the "green conscience" and implementing sustainable measures in areas such as industry, the economy and even housing. The fight against climate change starts at home, anyone can take care of the planet from their own home without major reforms, but based on small gestures and changes in routine. In addition, the European Union itself is committed to environmental wellbeing and, by the end of 2020, every new building of new construction must have almost zero energy consumption, according to the new directive on energy efficiency.

A growing trend that citizens can benefit from, since it also means a high saving in electricity and water bills. But how to be more sustainable without leaving home? In this post we offer a series of tips and tricks to change household habits in a simple way, combat climate change and save on bills.

Energy savings

The first thing that can be done to reduce the monthly expenditure on heating during these cold winter months is to transform the facilities into efficient systems. With regular room temperature at 20ºC in winter and 26ºC in the summer is more than enough, especially taking into account that for each degree of difference we can save 8% more energy. Home automation is another fundamental ally with which to save in the management of heating, since it regulates its use depending on the ambient temperature. On the other hand, and taking into account that Spain is among the European countries with greater hours of sunshine, installing solar panels is a perfect option to get self-sufficient energy and recharge small devices such as batteries, televisions and small appliances. Although changing the light bulbs of the house for a low consumption or LED implies an investment, this measure eventually benefits both the electricity bill and the environment. These have a useful life eight times higher than normal and can mean a saving of € 100 per year on average, because they consume 80% less energy.

Natural light and windows

The environment needs the help of the whole society, which can benefit from what the Planet offers in a natural way. Sunlight is a resource that tends to be wasted and replaced by the one produced by light bulbs, but there are a series of tricks with which to keep the house alive and lit. The maximum is to take advantage of everything that can be natural light up the blinds, running the curtains and choosing light colors to paint the walls. Apart from the light, the windows are another element to be reinforced to fight against climate change. For those who reside in places where the temperatures are low it is advisable to install double or triple glass windows, since they increase the insulation and avoid the loss of heat inside the home. In summer, opening windows to generate natural air currents is another way to save on air conditioning.

Every drop counts

Decreasing water consumption is one of the simplest and most beneficial tasks for the environment. From taking advantage of rainwater, to picking up the one that is wasted in the shower until when the temperature is regulated and to turn off the tap if the water is not being used. This last option, besides very interesting, is very simple: there are several types of bags designed especially to not waste a drop in the shower, these are hung on a support fixed to the wall, the tap is inserted so that the water falls inside it and, when it is at the desired temperature, it is removed and we shower normally. The water collected in the bag can be reused for other functions such as watering the plants or cooking, and all without wasting water and saving money. Small gestures are what make the difference in the fight against climate change, a commitment that is reflected every month in the bill. Installing nebulizers in the taps, which combine water with air and increase the pressure, is another measure that can be carried out. Saving and reusing water in tertiary applications (irrigation, in the kitchen, to fill the cistern, etc.) or to supply electrical appliances is easy, fast and efficient.

Green awareness between stoves

Helping the planet cooking is as simple as following a series of tricks: use the pressure cooker whenever possible, since it consumes half; cook with a microwave instead of using the oven; Do not open the oven when it is being used because it lowers the temperature of its interior by about 20ºC; and take advantage of the residual heat of the glass ceramic and the fire, turning it off a few minutes before the food is ready. And for appliances to perform at their best, it is best to always use them at full load or, if they have more options, use the economic and ecological programs. For the washing machine it is important to remember that cold water is the least harmful to the environment, while the dryer is best avoided at all costs.

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