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Tips to survive in a shared apartment for the first time

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Living in a shared apartment for the first time can be fun, but also stressful, can become a challenge ... In addition to finding good companions, it is essential to maintain order to not end up going crazy. In this post we give you some tips on how to live in a shared apartment and not die in the attempt and that it does not turn into a nightmare. Do you have everything ready?

The first floor of students is always an adventure. Moving, adapting to a new environment, coexistence with new colleagues, independence ... All this can become a nightmare if you do not take into account the advice of this guide.

Measurements of your room

Do it before you start spending money on buying furniture and you will avoid surprises. Especially if your bedroom is small and you have doubts about whether to buy a desk or not. Do not forget to take into account the space occupied by the door when it opens!

Practical and versatile furniture

A canapé bed is perfect because it will serve as extra storage and will not occupy space as the closet does. And since we're talking about a wardrobe, if you can, get yourself one from wall to wall with a mirror on the door to make it look lighter.

Cleaning calendar

If the kitchen is disgusting, if it was your turn to do the bath yesterday ... Avoid discussions. You can set one day a week of general cleaning in which all participate, or you can divide the cleaning tasks throughout the week and leave it written in the fridge (in case you forget someone ...).

Have your own space in the bedroom

If you share a bathroom among many, you have to be agile. Store your cosmetics and makeup products in the bedroom to speed up your mornings. A small dresser or dresser with mirror will help you a lot. And take the opportunity to organize them in a basket. It will be easier for you to have everything collected and you will gain cleanliness.


The labels will become your best friend from now on. With them you can differentiate your tapers from your classmates. You can also use labels on the shelves of the refrigerator and in the cabinets, if you have distributed them, and thus avoid confusion when someone gets hungry at midnight.

Blackboard in the hall

It will be your space to write down what you need to buy for the floor, write messages of encouragement, leave a note of welcome when you do parties, etc.

Clear schedule

Are you more of showering in the morning or at night? Whether you're from one type or another, it's super important that you know who usually showers at six in the morning and who will shower before going to bed. This way, there will be no queues in the bathroom every morning and you will not be late.


Important, obviously, pay rent and bills on time, since a delay can hurt the finances of your colleagues. In addition, you should also think about the rest when, for example, you shower. If the water is paid between everyone, maybe someone can get angry because you have the tap open for an hour. The same happens with lights. Turn them off whenever they are not necessary.

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