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Benefits of having a home insurance

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Having the home insured is a way to guarantee peace of mind to the owner. Whether you live in your own home or you have leased it, home insurance is very important to repair possible damages and can save big costs.

And this insurance is generally not required by law, but it is more than advisable for all homeowners. Before making the decision to purchase a home insurance, it is important to know the benefits that can be obtained from it. Not all people have the same needs and expectations, but it is good to know the most common benefits that our home insurance can provide.

Here are the main benefits of good home insurance:

What does home insurance cover

Generally, home insurance covers the following:

  • The physical part of the house: corresponds to the structure of the property: the roof, the walls, the partition, the floor, the electrical network and the pipes of the house itself. This structure will depend largely on the size and type of housing because if it is a single-family house will also enter other parts such as the roof or fireplace if any.
  • The content of the house: which are the personal objects and the material goods that we have at home. Furniture, appliances, technology, jewellery, clothing, ... etc.
  • The civil responsibility: it is a guarantee that covers possible damages of third parties in our house: leaks, leaks of water, ... etc.

Advantages of hiring a home insurance

There are different types of insurance, but, in general, the basic benefits that all have in common are the following:

Good investment

The price of solving any incident in the home is so high that any home insurance costs much less. And is that the prices of insurance are usually affordable for all families, depending on the type of policy contracted. Therefore, it is a good investment for the future and in the face of some mishap, because even if you spend a fixed amount every certain time, the day a damage occurs you have it covered.

Covers common incidents

For example, leaks, water leaks in the façade or inside the house, broken pipes or electrical installation, are the most common problems that usually occur in a home. In these cases, repairs are often expensive and, to a large extent, expensive. In this way, having insurance that guarantees the repair or replacement of damaged items is essential to save both time and money.

Possible thefts

In the event that you suffer a robbery in the house, most of the home insurance will cover the losses and damages caused during the assault, in an economical way or fixing the damages produced free of charge. Although to avoid them, it is best to protect your home from thefts in the most appropriate way. For this, the discretion and installation of security alarms, especially in chalets, is essential.

Covers possible additional expenses

Faced with a serious disaster, sometimes not only do you have to deal with the damage caused to the home but also you have to pay the cost of a rental until they are repaired and your home becomes habitable again. Even in some cases you have to face the costs of demolition or debris, at an economically inconvenient time for you.

Secure our belongings

Related to the previous section, practically all insurance cover physical belongings, such as clothing, jewelry, valuables, appliances, furniture, technology, etc. But in addition to possible thefts, these objects can also be damaged by water leaks or fires, so it is important that they are covered by possible emotional damage due to their loss.

Get quick assistance

Against an uninsured repair, which usually depends on the availability of the person hired and the time it takes, the performance of insurance is usually quick and effective. An insurance has more than one client to solve the problems of the insured, so the help will immediately go to your home as soon as you pick up the phone.

Medical assistance and legal protection

Many insurances include free transportation by ambulance when the policy holder and his family members suffer an emergency due to illness or accident. Also, these coverages have legal protection, taking care of the costs of a possible legal conflict arising from a theft or negligence or incomprehension between neighbors for a cause that has affected your home.

Given these advantages, hiring a home insurance, is more than recommended for all types of homes.

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