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Shabby Chic: Discover this decorative style and the keys to adapt it at home


Sweet, feminine, luminous, personal, delicate, romantic, vintage ... Choosing the Shabby Chic style for your home is betting on elegance, warmth and femininity with that touch of the past as if it were a beautiful heritage. Because shabby means wore away by the passage of time. And this trend is committed to giving those old elements a more sophisticated and refined air, hence the word chic. With these qualifiers, who resists the shabby chic style? Discover your keys and be captivated

Inspired by the country houses of Great Britain, the Shabby chic style is characterized by pastel tones, flowers and the recovery of ancient elements

And is that while the shabby chic style was born in the era of the great country houses of Victorian Britain in the s. XIX, has been extended to the present time applying to a type of housing that looks for a fine rustic style, of Provencal line, similar to the cottages.

The main color for the base is white, mixed with pastel shades such as pink, beige, sky blue or water green, both for the walls, furniture and other decoration elements, gaining in luminosity and amplitude. Always clear tones to get that happy and bright feeling of a happy day in the field.


As for the fabrics, they emphasize their floral prints and embroideries and lace that bring a flirtatious and romantic air to the environment. And always following the same color palette.


If we talk about the accessories, the classic pieces, with rounded and soft lines, can not be missing in this decorative style. Bergere-type armchairs, French-style stools, Provencal air dining tables ... And always with a worn finish or with the imperfections of the passing years. But not all are classic pieces, but one of the attractions of this style is the mix with current furniture, creating personal and charming decorations.

The furniture, for the most part, are ornate classics, restored, distinguished and exquisite. In the Shabby Chic style, wood and iron are fundamental materials and always with an aged air. If you want to get some pieces of this style, it is best to resort to street markets and antique shops, although you can also choose to do crafts at home applying two techniques: pickling and decoupage.

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The pickling gives a look of worn, aged to the furniture and furnishing accessories, while decoupage can decorate different surfaces, such as wood, brass or candles, applying papers or romantic fabrics, varnishing them later, and getting the result to look like a real painting. It is not difficult to apply them, inform yourself well and you will be proud to have given your personal touch to this decoration.

The Shabby Chic style is so fashionable, that it is not only reflected in homes, but in any place that requires exquisite decoration. The result? A charming decoration where you can breathe a romantic, feminine, cozy and somewhat retro but very attractive atmosphere.

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