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Terrace awnings: everything you need to know to choose it

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An awning is a basic terraces and gardens during the summer. Here you have everything you need to know before choosing yours, from how much it costs up if you must ask the neighborhood community

Did you know that a good awning for the terrace reduces the temperature of your home to 10 ° C? Or what can save you up to 80% in the consumption of air conditioning?

You can put them on balconies, porches, terraces or even in a window. Before choosing it, you will have to consider: where to install it, the size you need, and also the orientation of your house (north or south), since it will give one kind of shadow or another.

How can you make it last longer?

Remember to pick up the awning if it is raining or windy. And always wait for it to be dry to pick it up, because if it is wet when folded, it will retain moisture and can form stains or mold. If all the mechanism of the awning works, a good trick is to change only the canvas to renew it, it will be more economical!

The price of the terrace awning

  • Awning for the terrace in retractable canopy costs from € 200, for windows between 1 and 1.5 meters. For larger sizes, you can find models starting at € 250.
  • Awning for the terrace with curtain that measures 3 m wide and long up to the balcony costs from € 200.
  • Patio awning with articulated arms measuring 3.5 x 2.5 m and acrylic fabric costs from € 300. 5 x 3 m and with chest and engine, from € 660.
  • A wooden pergola without fabric is worth € 400. With top awning, about € 500. A metal costs from € 600, but requires less maintenance.

How long is a terrace awning?

Even those of the highest quality, in optimal conditions, have a half-life of 10 years. Losing color and tension, they can hold five more

What awning goes better in each space or terrace?

In the small windows, the canopy awnings are suitable. On balconies, the curtain models, which have folding arms fixed to a railing, so you can put it upright. If your terrace is large, the awnings of articulated arms are a success, for its stability and precision

When to opt for a pergola?

If you have at least 16 to 20 meters of exterior, your ideal awning option is a pergola. The advantage of this fixed structure is that it allows to put an awning of larger sizes and that can be placed either attached to a wall or in the middle of the terrace, the patio, or in any corner of the garden.

With chest, what a great idea!

There are three types of awnings for the terrace depending on its structure: with chest, with semicofre or without it. The awning with chest is the most resistant and the one that does not have it, the least. When it is in closed position, the mechanism with chest completely protects both the fabric and the structure and that gives the awning a longer life.

Do you know the awnings in kit?

You can buy a kit that includes the structure of the aluminum awning, a crank, bases for the wall and screws and avoid the installation costs because you will assemble it yourself. And calm because you will have a DVD with instructions to do it. It costs from € 200 and you find it in stores like Leroy Merlin.

Motorized awnings, all comfort

In just a few seconds, the awning falls to the height of the terrace you want. It does so thanks to the motorization system, which you can easily install, even in an awning that you already have. In addition to being more comfortable, the canvas is perfectly tensioned and the awning lasts longer, because the openings and closures are softer.

Do I also include sensors?

You can complete the equipment of the awning for the terrace with wind and vibration sensors, so that the awning closes only if it rains or there is a lot of wind (cost about € 100). The most sophisticated systems incorporate time programming, presence sensors and even the possibility of simulating that the house is occupied!

The best fabrics for awnings

The awning canvas for the terrace must effectively block the sun. Among the different types of canvas, we find polyester, the cheapest option, but it lasts less and the colors wear out before. Acrylics filter 80% of UV rays and resist wind and rain well. Finally, microperforated fabrics are also perfect, which filter 94% of UV rays and are the best ventilation.

Color matters!

The darker the color of the awning, the greater solar protection it offers to the terrace, but it obscures the environment by projecting more shadows. You can put light canvases if there is ventilation, as in a pergola.

Ask your neighborhood community

Since an awning on the terrace affects the aesthetics of the building, before deciding on a model you should consult the community if there is any agreement on the color or design of the fabric (smooth, blue and white stripes, etc.), the measurements or the location.

Care so that they last longer

Now that the good weather starts, open the awning on the terrace and wash it with a hose, on both sides. The water pressure will help you remove debris and stains. If it is the awning of a window, you can use a water sprayer and rub with a brush. Use a neutral soap (never use chemical products and abrasives) and review the mechanism from time to time with a sponge. This will last longer.


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