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photo 1535911058472 d2c09cc6dc6c 1024x727 - Terrace awnings: everything you need to know to choose it

An awning is a basic terraces and gardens during the summer. Here you have everything you need to know before choosing yours, from how much it costs up if you must ask the neighborhood community

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The perfect terrace: How to decorate?

The summer arrival is synonyms of terrace, spend time outdoors and enjoy the good weather at any time. The terraces are the most luxurious things we can have at home that's why we should take care and enjoy it. Is the moment to tune-up it, first we have to understand that there aren't little terraces, even the most little room can make into a hideout full of charm. If you don't know what to do with this space, take note of these keys that we give you next to get a perfect atmosphere. ...continue reading "The perfect terrace: How to decorate?"


Full renovation of a small penthouse with a large terrace by Le Département. This home is located in the district of Gracia, the heart of Barcelona city.

1. Small penthouse studio in Barcelona
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This 70 square meter penthouse is located in Valencia (Spain), and it was designed by Josep Ruà.

1. Penthouse in Valencia by Josep Ruà
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