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Refresh your house without air conditioning

elementos aire acondicionado 1212 586 - Refresh your house without air conditioning

If your house is an oven when summer comes, we help you with these easy and effective tips to refresh your house and without your bill of light

Close the blinds

Close shutters, shutters and friars and pull the curtains. Block the entry of heat from the outside, especially between 12 and 16 hours and in the windows facing south and west, is the first step to enjoy a cooler environment. Keep in mind that almost 30% of the heat that sneaks into the house does it through the windows. With this simple action, you can lower the temperature up to six degrees.

Open the doors at night...

Open doors at night and keep them closed during the day. Opening them at night, when the temperatures are usually softer than daytime, helps to refresh the different rooms of the house. On the other hand, during the day, especially in the hottest time slots, it is recommended to keep the doors closed off the rooms in order to prevent hot air circulating throughout the house.

Ventilate at the first or last hour of the day

This way you avoid that the heat of the street creeps in house. The idea is to ventilate the bedrooms with just getting up so that the air is renewed after all night. For the rest of the house, you can wait to ventilate at the last hour of the day, after hiding the sun, which is when less heat will do. Even if the temperature is good, you can take advantage of to ventilate the bedrooms again.

Create effective air currents

The method is everything. You must differentiate the windows through which the air enters and through which it comes out. Thus, the windows through which the air exits must open completely, ensuring that they are the ones that face the street because the movement of air is greater. On the other hand, the windows through which the air enters, better if they are the ones that open onto interior patios. Those must open the least.

Take advantage of the awning

If you have it, take advantage! It is advisable to lower them in the hours of greater irradiation, thus avoiding heat entering the house. Light coloured awnings will reflect more heat than dark coloured awnings, which will tend to retain it. In areas where the sun is very sunny, the awnings with flaps are very practical, since they block the sun more.

Refresh your sofa

It will not help you to lower the ambient temperature, but it will be yours, especially if the upholstery is very winter. A cotton or plaid cover that covers the seating area, will make your moments of soffing more pleasant.

Fresh bedding

Say goodbye to polyester sheets and bet on natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Being breathable, they help you regulate your body temperature naturally. And do not forget to turn the mattress over, it is usual to have two faces: one warmer for winter and another cooler for summer.

Plants to refresh

If you have a terrace or a balcony with plants, water them at night. Not only will the plants take more and better advantage of the water you provide them, but the humidity of the earth will help to cool the air that enters the house. Inside the house, plants with large green leaves, such as monstera, will help you to refresh the environment

Ceiling fans

The fans move the hot air do not cool it, but when removed it cools a little and provides a sensation of between 3 and 4 degrees less. It is important that, in summer, you fix the blades of the fan so that they turn in the opposite direction to the needles of the clock, because thus they will throw the hot air towards the ceiling.

Appliances at night

Not only will you save if you have contracted the time discrimination, but you will avoid overheating the house because the electrical appliances generate a lot of heat. Whenever you can, avoid using the dishwasher, the washing machine or the oven! in the warmest hours of the day.

Use the extractor hood

Beyond a matter of fumes and smells, the extractor hood will help you to renew the air in the kitchen and, with it, lower the temperature. In addition, it will keep the humidity generated by the cooking steam more at bay. And that is important because the humidity causes the increase of the thermal sensation.

Bet on leds

The classic incandescent bulbs and halogens give off a lot of heat while they are on. To avoid it, you can change them by led lights. With this, in addition, you will save, since LEDs are the most efficient bulbs. In any case, try to light as few lights as possible, the environment will look and you will notice fresher.

Refresh your facade

Climbers, such as ivy and vines, placed on the wall that directly receives the sun provide freshness and prevent the heat from entering the house. In addition, the facades of light and whitewashed colours reflect the heat and help to be fresher in the interior.

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